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  The logo represents a melding of the Agile approach to product development (the iteration cycles) and traditional quality concepts (the Kano model lines).



I have 47 years in the software industry, including publishing, state government, agricultural R&D, COTS, telecom, banking, credit card processing, and CAD software. 

I have 24 years of quality and process improvement background, including traditional approaches such as ISO 9001, CMM®/CMMI® and both ISO and IEEE systems and software standards. 

Since 2002, I have had experience in Agile methods as team lead, Scrum Master, coach & trainer for organizations of <100 and up to 1000 both collocated and distributed around the world (e.g., India, Israel, Germany, France, England, Canada, and the US).​


You can also find my minibook, Understanding Agile Values and Principles on InfoQ.



I believe in an Agile approach which takes advantage of traditional quality & process knowledge to support the goals of such an approach where that knowledge enhances effective results and offers teams options for implementing Agile practices. 

I promote a 

  • firm grounding in Agile Values & Principles;
  • clear assessment of a client’s capability to implement agile practices and techniques;
  • sustainable training & coaching.


I believe that an Agile approach can enhance and contribute to: 

  1. An improved business and IT relationship
  2. Greater visibility into the development effort
  3. Earlier realization of business value
  4. Reduced risk of unsatisfactory results
  5. Elimination of process/product waste
  6. Greater flexibility in and tolerance for change
  7. Commitment to organizational and individual improvement


If you are not familiar with me and your first contact with me is online, I would be pleased to hear what your needs or questions are and be more than happy to help.